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ShopperKit enables online order fulfillment from retailer’s physical stores as well as “hub & spoke” enabled fulfillment via dark stores, warehouses, and MFC’s. Out of the box integrations with Geolocation & Gig Economy technologies provide complete coverage for curbside pickup and last mile delivery.

ShopperKit receives order from the retailer and other marketplace providers.


Fulfillment Orchestration

Carl distributes the orders partially fulfilled from remote locations. Today he’s checking in a load of large paper goods fulfilled at the regional warehouse and headed to Grocery Barn #250.

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Optimized Pick Paths

The main office has configured inventory locations for each of its stores in ShopperKit’s Client Portal. Grocery Barn #250 chooses which orders to shop and ShopperKit lists the products in an optimized pick path throughout the store.


Personalized Shopping

Grocery Barn team member Sally is picking orders for three customers. She discovers that customer Emily asked for Italian Wedding soup, but it seems to be out. Sally uses ShopperKit to message Emily and get instant feedback about which alternatives would be acceptable for her.


Flexible Hardware Configuration

Grocery Barn #250 is a rather large store, so Sally is equipped with a cart that includes an integrated tablet running ShopperKit Classic, a handheld bluetooth scanner, and a label printer. In Grocery Barn #345, a smaller neighborhood type store, team members use smaller hand held devices running ShopperKit Mobile and use the integrated phone camera for scanning.


Programmed Suggestions

Grocery Barn team member Ben sees that name brand A toilet paper is out of stock. When he chooses to short the item in ShopperKit, a suggestion for brand B shows on his screen.


Accountable Storage

When team member Sally is finished shopping her three orders she scans each labeled container and places them in temperature appropriate storage locations.


Centralized Information

Team member Alex sees the alert on ShipperKit’s Command Center and begins to collect Emily’s order for carryout.


Reduce Lines

Grocery Barn guest Jill is trying to limit her time inside stores and maintain proper social distances. Grocery Barn has installed ShopperKit’s Kiosk at the Deli which allows Jill to place her order — specifying her meats and cheese and thickness preference — and continue her shopping, saving time and reducing gatherings in the store.


Improving Workforce

With current economic conditions, online orders have been exceeding previous levels and Manager Bob is having trouble keeping up with demand. He uses ShopperKit’s Client Portal to generate reports with insight into team members that could use coaching that will enhance their performance to the level of other members.


Scalable, Outsourced Team Labor

Manager Bob uses ShopperKit Client Portal to look at order forecasting. He notices that orders are increasing next Thursday before a three day holiday weekend. He reaches out to a gig economy marketplace provider to bring in a few short term shoppers.

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Paperless Carryout

When Emily arrives at Grocery Barn, Alex wheels Emily’s containers to her car and loads the bags. He uses ShopperKit on his mobile device to show her the status of her order – items collected, short, and substitutions, and has her sign for her order.


Arrival Notifications

Guest Emily likes to shop from her phone, so she has installed Grocery Barn’s shopping app. She turned on location services for the app. Now when Emily is on her way to the store, Grocery Barn receives a notice that she’s on her way.


Dark Store Fulfillment

Grocery Barn #250 is an extremely busy store. In order to maintain stock in the store for walk in customers, dry goods are picked from a dark store a few miles away. Team members at the dark store use a tablet device with ShopperKit Classic to check in containers loaded on the truck for the following day’s pickup orders.


Fulfillment Orchestration

Carl distributes the orders partially fulfilled from remote locations. Today he’s checking in a load of large paper goods fulfilled at the regional warehouse and headed to Grocery Barn #250.


Scalable, Last Mile Delivery

Normally Randall delivers all of Grocery Barn #250’s delivery orders, but with the influx of recent orders he needs a little help. Manager Bob arranges for help from other marketplace providers. Team member Ben carries out the orders to these marketplace providers, and the additional delivery team members use ShopperKit Mobile on their hand held devices to finish the carryout process at the customer’s house.

ShopperKit case study

The ShopperKit eGrocery Fulfillment by the Numbers case study contains BMC’s independent study showing that stores doing as few as ten online orders a day benefit from fulfillment technology. Download to learn more about fulfillment ROI.