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ShopperKit Integrates with Unata eCommerce Retail Technology to Offer Comprehensive eGrocery Solution for Grocers

TORONTO, June 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Unata, the leader in 1-to-1 digital solutions for grocers, and ShopperKit, the first enterprise class software built specifically for in-store grocery fulfillment, are announcing a partnership to bring an all-in-one, market-ready eCommerce and eCatering solution to grocery retailers, from online ordering all the way through to fulfilment. Unata and ShopperKit’s integrated solution is market-tested and has been live with Roche Bros., a Boston-based supermarket, since 2016.

Unata and ShopperKit have created an out-of-the-box integration to simplify the go-to-market process and timeline, and enable the most seamless curbside and delivery experience possible for shoppers. Retailers who work with Unata have access to ShopperKit’s grocery fulfilment software out of the box.

Through Unata, this integrated solution will provide grocery retailers with:

  • Award-winning UX design that minimizes number of “clicks”, enabling faster navigation and increased user satisfaction.
  • 1-to-1 personalized products and recommendations shown throughout the catalogue, in search results and in the cart, all based on each shopper’s purchase history.
  • Support for all in-store deal types in the digital catalogue (mix & match, spend & get, etc) to increase shopper spend and engagement.
  • Retailer Management Dashboard to manage, promote and track the entire eCommerce experience in order to optimize the experience.

Through ShopperKit, this solution will also enable grocery retailers to:

  • Leverage existing brick and mortar locations to receive, prioritize and process online orders and offer in-store pickup or delivery options for their online customers.
  • Integrate with any storefront, whether a retailer uses a commercial solution or a homegrown solution.
  • Improve customer loyalty and increase basket size with easy, real time customer communication.
  • Guide associates through the store in a most efficient way, allowing for multiple orders to be shopped at the same time, while giving visual product data to the associate for the fastest and more reliable fulfillment possible.
  • Ensure items of the same temperature are bagged and stored together and properly until the customer receives the order.

“As eCommerce continues its rapid growth, retailers are seeing their physical stores located close to customers act as natural distribution centers, thereby removing the need for large, costly warehouses and the complex and expensive software needed to run them,” said Jack Record, CEO ShopperKit. “ShopperKit enables grocery retailers to process orders from the Unata eCommerce platform in the most efficient and safe way possible. We’re excited to work with Unata to deliver a top-of-the-line shopper experience from browse all the way through to getting groceries into customers’ hands.”

“ShopperKit is one of the original members of Unata Connects, our Third-Party Partner Hub created to provide grocers with best-of-breed digital solutions and pre-built integrations that reduce and simplify the go-to-market process,” said Marc Faucher, Unata COO & CFO. “With this particular partnership, we’re able to provide our current and future retail partners with a true end-to-end solution, leveraging two of the best solutions on the market to ensure our partners are in good hands for every facet of their grocery eCommerce experience.”

Online Grocery Orders Doubled Over the Past Two Years

In his recent blog post entitled Rising tide: 1 in 5 bought groceries online in the last 30 days, Bill Bishop at BrickMeetsClick shares the incredible news that “online grocery penetration has doubled in just the past two years”!

Read the blog for an excellent summary and follow the link therein to the in-depth BrickMeetsClick report detailing how consumers are embracing online grocery.

Online Ordering With In-Store Pickup Becomes Mainstream

In-Store Fulfillment is key to successful Omnichannel Sales.

In Retail TouchPoints article Get Omnichannel Fulfillment Right To Keep Pace With Consumer Demand they release 2015 eCommerce data showing “34% of Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales being picked up in a store”.  They go on to note “As many as 45% of consumers have purchased a product online and picked it up in the store in the six months prior to April 2015”.

Consumers ordering items online and picking them up at a local store is officially mainstream.


Conversational Commerce is the Future of Online Grocery

At ShopperKit we believe that “Food is Personal”.   Perhaps the most important lesson learned over the past decade of Online Grocery (particularly in America) has been that, as a society, we are very particular when it comes to the food we put on our family table.

Today Chris Messina further elaborates on the idea of Conversational Commerce in his latest writing.

By employing Conversational Commerce, ShopperKit’s In-Store Fulfillment Platform connects the Online Guest to the In-Store Associate at the most critical time – the moment of the pick.

In creating a platform for meaningful, real-time conversation at this most important moment, ShopperKit enables stores to make online grocery shopping feel as personal as if the were guest were physically in the store aisle.

University of Michigan mentions ShopperKit

Amitabh Sinha, Associate Professor of Technology and Operations at University of Michigan Ross School of Business and author of the whitepaper “eCommerce Supply Chain Insights in Groceries and Consumer Packaged Goods in the United States” shares a couple of interesting questions about Grocery Fulfillment in the latest post “Groceries and Ecommerce” from the “Ecommerce Thoughts from Ann Arbor” blog.